Opioid Induced Rhabdomyolysis with Acute Sensorimotor Axonal Neuropathy: An Unusual Presentation

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Suraj Agrawal
Navneet Sharma
Sanjay Jain
Ritu Attri
Mandip Singh Bhatia


Rhabdomyolysis is a clinical condition of potentially life threatening destruction of skeletal muscles caused by diverse mechanisms including drug and toxins. Opioid is one of the encountered drug which cause rhabdomyolysis in association with renal failure. Paraparesis is one of the important feature of rhabdomyolysis which usually occur due to dyselectrolytemia (secondary hyperkalemic periodic paralysis) recovers completely on normalization of electrolyte, we are presenting a case of opioid induced rhabdomyolysis who develop paraparesis even with normal electrolyte which later on diagnosed as acute sensory motor axonal neuropathy.

Dyselectrolytemia, rhabdomyolysis, axonal neuropathy, muscle injury.

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Agrawal, S., Sharma, N., Jain, S., Attri, R., & Bhatia, M. S. (2020). Opioid Induced Rhabdomyolysis with Acute Sensorimotor Axonal Neuropathy: An Unusual Presentation. Asian Journal of Case Reports in Medicine and Health, 2(4), 1-3. Retrieved from https://www.journalajcrmh.com/index.php/AJCRMH/article/view/30113
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