Twin Babies, One Born with Gastroschisis & the Other with Sirenomelia in Fallujah Maternity & Children Hospital, Fallujah City, Iraq

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Samira Telfah Abdulghani


Back Ground: Both Sirenomelia & Gastroschisis are very rare congenital anomalies & it is extremely rare to find each of the two anomalies in both twins of one pregnancy, here we reported the two anomalies in one twin pregnancy.

Case Report: We reported twin pregnancy in G3p0A2 19 years old healthy woman who had irregular antenatal visits, ultrasound exam done 4 times during pregnancy, all shown monochorionic, diamniotic twins with polyhydromnia & Gastroschisis, abnormal spine and sacrococcygeal teratoma in the 1st twin and oligohydromnia in the 2nd twin in which the  anomaly was not clear & later on the baby born with Sirenomelia.

In all the references we reviewed we cauldn't find the two anomalies in one twin pregnancy and this case was considered to be the 1st reported case globally.

Twin, sirenomelia, gastroschisis, Fallujah.

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Abdulghani, S. T. (2019). Twin Babies, One Born with Gastroschisis & the Other with Sirenomelia in Fallujah Maternity & Children Hospital, Fallujah City, Iraq. Asian Journal of Case Reports in Medicine and Health, 2(3), 1-5. Retrieved from
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